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meet lesley

Originally from Atlanta, but has lived in many different parts of the country- both north and south, metro and small town. Having this well rounded background has helped Lesley to develop a diverse sense of style. Possessing an affinity for décor and design from a young age, she recalls drawing floor plans for home additions and enthusiastically proposing these to her parents. Arranging and rearranging her own room was done with great regularity, as well. It wasn’t until her sophomore year at the University of Kentucky, that she considered it as a career path. After graduating with a BA in Interior Design from UK’s College of Design, Lesley returned home to Atlanta and worked with several well- known and lauded Designers. With her new husband, she was transplanted to South Carolina, and the boutique firm, Ellebright Designs, was born.

Lesley really listens when I have a challenge with a space. She takes into account my budget and makes me feel great about the choices I’ve already made.”
— Holly Golightly
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— Claire C.
Lesley’s E-design services are top notch! She’s all the way across the country but I have felt like she’s in my living room with me throughout every step of the process.
— Lawrence Olivier
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— Claire C.